International VR Day

On Saturday, November 17, 2018, VRT-U will be one of many organizations in over 60 cities worldwide to host a free, educational event for Virtual Reality (VR) Day. The goal of VR Day is to promote virtual and augmented reality (AR) in order to help these technologies become more mainstream. This voluntary grassroots effort will be led by individuals, companies, and organizations. The family-friendly events will bring together local communities, allowing people of all backgrounds to try out VR/AR technologies, such as the Microsoft HoloLens, the Oculus Rift, and the HTC Vive. At certain events, VR/AR products will be on sale, just in time for the holidays.

One of our projects is a VR tour of the Hagia Sophia, the famous world heritage site in Istanbul. On VR Day, “Hagia Sophia VR Tour” will be publicly available for the first time at our booth next to the Turkish Coffee Lady in Tysons Corner Center, McLean, VA. In addition, we will have holographic popup books with which you can learn about animals (including dinosaurs!) using augmented reality. Lastly, several VR headsets and glasses will be available through our raffle! The Turkish Coffee Lady will also be hosting other activities as part of their Holiday Bazaar, so there will be a lot to see! For more information, visit

VRT-U (pronounced “virtue”) specializes in VR, AR, and 360° video technologies to create immersive, transformative learning experiences. Our approach is to design and integrate creative visual arts and new technologies to bring cost-effective learning solutions to target audiences. Earlier in 2018, VRT-U collaborated with Look On Media, winning first place in the 2018 NIST Virtual Reality Heads-Up-Display (HUD) Navigation Challenge. Their HUD solution guides firefighters through smoke and darkness to find victims and evacuate them using the safest path possible.